Hannity Proudly Announces He Polishes Trump’s Knob Better Than Anyone Else

Sean Hannity loves President Trump. He worships the ground that Trump walks on. And he never ever misses a chance to kiss the fat ass of America’s greatest embarrassment. It’s almost like Hannity wants to somehow give birth to the Donald’s love child. But, if that love child happened to be a girl, no doubt the president would be sexually attracted to her, which would make Ivanka terribly jealous.

On his radio show Thursday, Hannity once again proclaimed his adoration of the Cheeto Hitler, trying to pretend there’s nothing to be found in the ongoing Russia investigation:

“The problem we have is, let’s look at Russia, Russia, Russia, OK, we got a Ukraine collusion story, Ukrainians wanted Donald Trump defeated, the DNC, a paid operative met with the Ukrainian ambassador at the Ukrainian embassy.

“No, I never talked about this. I am making a point that the news media is abusively biased, and fixated only on palace intrigue and Russia, and they are doing a disservice to the American people.”

But Sean was far from finished. He went from kissing ass on the traitor POTUS to stalkerish love and lust, declaring that he adored his Donnie more than anyone else on earth. You could almost hear him getting a woody as he said:

“Fox News is the only—listen, you know, people write me all the time about this host and that host, and this host and that host—we have a lot of liberals on the air, a lot. A lot of people that disagree with me on the air, and you know, because you’ve been there. You know, I am like the—I am—I am the only one that is as strongly supportive of the president, of anyone else at Fox. I think that’s a fair statement.”

Damn, Sean! Do you need a tissue now?

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