Watch As This Guy Rudely Pours Ice Water On Alex Jones’ ‘Civil War’ To Save Trump Fantasy

After Donald Trump had taken office, it didn’t take long for supporters like Alex Jones began to come down of off their “we beat Hillary Clinton and proved the liberal elites wrong” euphoria.

They quickly became disenchanted by the harsh reality of electing an unqualified, narcissistic, ignorant man-baby as president as the ramifications started to come crashing down on their little “Tea Party.”

Now after 200 embarrassing days of legislative, judicial, and political failure, Jones and other Trumpites have a new fantasy game to distract them from thinking about the dismal fucking failure of their golden calf’s presidency.

Jones and other right wing hate mongers are “warning” of a possible “Civil War” should Trump be impeached or otherwise forced from office.

Here’s a video of Jones distracting his drooling slack jawed viewers with some shiny keys in the form of staging a bloody fantasy revolt against the evil “shadow government.”

During the 2016 campaign, when most people believed Trump was destined to be defeated, there were many die hard trump loyalists like former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh (R) who insinuated taking up arms should Hillary Clinton take office.

However, the spineless coward quickly backtracked when questioned by CNN’s Jake Tapper on what he meant by that statement.

In another Jones video, titled “Get Ready for CIVIL WAR!,” he accused the “fake media” of working with elements deep inside the government to undermine and overthrow Trump. I won’t subject you to any more of Jone’s bloated face or screeching voice, but you can watch the video here if you’d like.

However, one progressive by the name of Rob Cotton has had enough of Jones’ fantasy macho bullshit and made a video in which he straight up punks war-thirsty Trump-loving neocon “tough guys” for being nothing more than chicken shit posers.

Check it out.

That’s right. Trump supporters won’t do jack if their orange shitbag of a president get’s flushed out of office. And if there are one or two idiots who do try to start a “Civil War,” they’ll be met by the bullets of the same “blue lives” and military troops they claim to love so much.

So by all means, “sleeping giants” wake the fuck up and show your asses. Meanwhile, we’ll be watching with a bowl of popcorn as you discover the difference between your distorted right-wing fantasy world and the cold harsh reality of the real world.

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