Fox’s Gregg Jarrett Is PISSED: Calls Grand Jury Investigating Trump ‘Undemocratic Farce’

Well folks, it finally happened. The hypocrisy to end all hypocrisies and the very nature of “be careful what you wish for” came true in the most hilarious of ways today. And Fox News host Gregg Jarett is PISSED.

Less than 24 hours ago, Jarrett asked, no, demanded, that special investigator Robert Mueller convene a grand jury to investigate Hillary Clinton and her alleged “mishandling of classified information” in an op-ed he penned for Fox News.

Never mind that former FBI Director James Comey cleared Clinton (twice) in November of 2016 of any wrongdoing at all, and that the investigation against Trump is just getting started.

Instead of bowing to Jarrett and his whims, Mueller instead impaneled a grand jury to investigate the Russia-Trump scandal. More specifically, the grand jury will investigate any and all connections or collusion between Russia and our alleged president, Donald Trump, as well as any dealings between Russia and Trump’s family, administration, campaigns, and organizations.

The focus of the investigation started on potential interference with our 2016 election, but has expanded to include Trump and his family’s financial dealings as well.

Jarrett must have taken lessons from Donnie boy himself because when he found out that a grand jury would investigate Trump instead of Hillary, he went off the wall and whined about how “undemocratic” grand juries are.

According to Media Matters, Sean Hannity said to Jarrett:

“You’re the one that warned me and said, ‘Hey Sean, let me remind you about grand juries and the ham sandwich.’ Why don’t you tell people why this is so dangerous.[sic]”

Seemingly forgetting about the grand jury investigation he demanded for Hillary, Jarrett compared the U.S. justice system to that of Liberia when he said:

“…And there’s a reason why, because everybody now realizes that grand juries are an undemocratic farce. They are one-sided … The defense is never there to cross-examine witnesses and to challenge the evidence. Prosecutors spoon-feed only incriminating evidence and nothing exculpatory. It is as undemocratic as you can get, it is the antithesis of justice.

Funny… Jarrett didn’t seem to mind all of that when he demanded Mueller investigate Clinton. Never mind that grand juries are a part and parcel of the American Justice system, and have been since the Constitution was written.

Talk about your double-standard-having-your-cake-and-eating-it-too-be-careful-what-you-wish-for-wishful-thinking.

Jarrett went on, whining to Hannity that the decks are stacked against Trump:

“And it’s even worse here because Robert Mueller impaneled a Washington, D.C. grand jury where Donald Trump got a mere 11,000 votes compared to Hillary Clinton’s 260,000 votes, I daresay there is probably not a single person on that grand jury that likes Donald Trump. So it is doubly unfair.”

Oh boo hoo! What’s a hypocrite to do when life is sooooo unfair?

Every day I think I’ve heard it all; that the hits can’t get any worse. Then every day, some new piece of bullshit news comes out of Fox News just like this one.

With any luck when Trump eventually goes down for his crimes, he’ll take Fox News down with him.

Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Watch the segment here:

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