‘Fox & Friends’ Wishes Obama Happy Birthday–Right Wingers Lose Their Tiny Minds

Friday, August 4 was President Obama’s 56th birthday, and the Fox & Friends Twitter feed actually acknowledged the event, posting this:

Hey, some props to Fox for at least wishing the 44th President a happy birthday. Might there be hope for them after all?

On the other hand, there’s absolutely no hope at all for the creatures who have been spawned by the ignorance, hatred, and complete bullshit pumped out by Fox News 24/7. Many of the Fox News faithful were offended their favorite propaganda channel would say anything nice about President Obama. So they too took to Twitter and proved just how badly warped their tiny brains are:

Interesting how the Fox News crowd are perfectly fine with eight years of harassing a man because of the color of his skin. Apparently they prefer fat white traitors who lust after their own daughter. Imagine my surprise.

Featured Image Via NBC News

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