Former CNN Commentator Has New Gig That Reeks Of Orwell’s ‘1984’

Earlier this week, CNN commentator and Trump-worshiping zombie Kayleigh McEnany announced that she was leaving the news network and would be moving on to other opportunities. When she posted her announcement on Twitter, millions of people said “good riddance” and drank a toast to one less Trumpkin being on the airwaves.

And now we know exactly where McEnany landed: On Facebook, as an anchor for President Trump’s “Real TV” channel, which features new posts once a week if you’re desperately in need of a laugh or feel you can watch five seconds without gagging.

As part of her initial appearance on Big Brother’s social media page, McEnany had a stupid smile etched on her face as she perkily announced:

“President Trump has clearly steered the economy back in the right direction.”

Yeah, because it’s not like Donnie inherited an economy that was already growing and had seen job growth for nearly eight years after the previous Republican POTUS nearly plunged the world in to a second Great Depression.

Trump is fond of social media because it allows him to broadcast his endless lies to his brainless minions who then go on Twitter or Facebook and repeat what they’ve heard even though they have no facts to back up their assertions.

But this latest venture–“Real News”–has the uneasy feel of Orwell’s 1984 written all over it. Since the president’s new FCC commissioner has said he doesn’t believe in net neutrality, how long will it be before the only thing we’ll be able to see on our own social media feeds is the shit-eating grin of the great leader as he imposes his brand of fascism and assures us every few seconds to “believe” him?

As for McEnany, she’s right where she’s where she’s always dreamed of being: With her nose stuck up Cheeto Hitler’s fat ass.

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