Drunken Racist Goes Full On Rabid – POS Whips D*ck Out And Threatens Cop

Maybe there’s a few things this drunken and racist fool didn’t do, but at any rate, the performance he put on at the Flying J Truck Plaza in Dauphin County, Virginia, won’t be soon forgotten by anyone at the plaza where he had his frightening meltdown.

This Racist Created Quite A Scene

According to two men who witnessed the incident, the fun began when Craig Troccia, 54, pulled into the truck stop. He allegedly bashed in the windshield of his own car and poured a cup of urine inside, say police according to PennLive.

Then Troccia yelled at an African-American man, telling him “he should go back to Africa.”

For reasons known only to drunk, stupid, racist idiots everywhere, his next step was to drop his trousers and expose his genitalia to the Black man (who was probably unimpressed) and everyone else unfortunate enough to be in the parking lot when this occurred.

But that wasn’t the end of it.

His next step was to pull out a gun and threaten to kill the Black man and everyone else there, Raw Story reports.

When Virginia State Troopers arrived at the truck stop on Highway 81 and began surrounding him, Troccia completely lost it and began yelling:

“I’ll f*cking Kill You for calling the police.”

Then the racist fool who’s a poor excuse for a human being continued to threaten one trooper and members of the trooper’s family before being hauled into custody and into a police cruiser.

And even at this point, Troccia refused to stop — police say he continued to threaten the officers and bashed his head and body into every panel in the police cruiser.

So when he was transported to the Dauphin County Prison, Troccia was charged with a whopping 34 criminal counts including:

  • Indecent exposure;
  • Aggravated assault, simple assault and harassment;
  • Open lewdness and public drunkenness;
  • Ethnic intimidation, intimidation of a witness, and terroristic threats and
  • Criminal mischief and resisting arrest.

He’s currently lodged in the county jail, and his bail has been set at $25,000. Where perhaps this racist dickhead can get off the sauce. For a while anyway.

Featured image courtesy of Raw Story/Dauphin County Prison

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