Drunken American Nazi Saluter Gets What’s Coming To Him In Germany

One drunken American is learning a very hard lesson in Germany. Saluting Hitler or otherwise repping your Nazi beliefs can get you in big trouble over there.

A drunk, American tourist decided to throw up a Nazi salute in the middle of the street in Dresden, and he got punched in the face. The attacker wasn’t caught, but the victim was caught by German police.

He was found to have a high blood alcohol level (Shocker!), and he was arrested for his Nazi salute. After World War II, it became against the law in Germany to rep your Nazi beliefs in any way.

Nazis are legally classified as an “unconstitutional organization” there. Displaying symbols and slogans associated with such organizations can land you in prison for up to three years.

It is not clear yet whether or not our drunken American friend will face any criminal charges, according to the Associated Press. Free expression is only a right until it hurts other people. Germany decided that Nazi beliefs only exist for that purpose.

A Chinese couple is learning this lesson as well. The two tourists were seen posing with Nazi salutes outside of the German Parliament.

The Nazi symbols can only be used for historical and educational purposes in Germany. Many Chinese social media users expressed shame after what this couple did over there. They were charged, but have been released on an approximately $600 bail.

Unfortunately, the Chinese couple was not punched in the face, but hopefully, they have learned their lesson.

Featured image via Twitter.

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