DC Hotels Refuse To Host Richard Spencer’s White Nationalist Bullsh*t (DETAILS)

Hotels in Washington D.C., are giving white nationalists the boot, refusing to book rooms for them, and perhaps taking cues from Airbnb, which has been doing this for a while, Raw Story reports.

That even holds true for white nationalist poster boy Richard Spencer, who finally had to resort to using his office and part-time residence for a rally and press conference in Alexandria, Virginia, after two hotels told him to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

Hotels Give Spencer The Boot

BuzzFeed reports that Spencer initially planned to hold the conference at D.C.’s Sofitel Hotel, which is just a few short blocks shy of the White House, but Softel canceled on them after someone leaked the location.

Spencer then tried to book a room at the Willard, but that too was canceled. Someone again leaked the location, and others tweeted the hotel’s parent company to ask it why one if its properties would host a white supremacist event.


So, what that really means right now is that it sucks to be Richard Spencer.

Of course it always sucks to be Richard Spencer, but the fact that he had to use his own residence to host that rally/press conference means that these “white power” cretins are beginning to find out that they aren’t welcome around normal, non-racist people who, furthermore, aren’t putting up with their hateful BS.

The flying monkeys attending Spencer’s conference received emails that claimed he had “secured a location in Old Town, Alexandria” where they would be escorted. And once they arrived, surprise-surprise, they discovered it was Spencer’s abode.

At the aforementioned conference on Monday, Spencer said he wanted to keep things copacetic.

“I absolutely don’t want violence.”

But, according to RawStory, that contradicts what Spencer previously claimed:

“[That] He and his fellow right-wingers ‘could have killed [counterprotesters]’ with their ‘bare hands.’

Spencer also blamed local police for how the violence continued to escalate throughout the protests, even though BuzzFeed documented him “pushing against police riot shields” at the time.

And although Spencer claims to condemn violence, he thinks that “there’s a very good chance,” the suspect, Alex Fields, Jr., isn’t guilty of murder. Spencer claims he’d seen a video of a counter-protester making Fields feel “very scared” by rushing the car with a bat.

So, in other words, in the alt-right world, it’s okay for neo-Nazis and white supremacists to put fear in the hearts of people of color, people of different faiths (or lack thereof) and people of different political persuasions, with frequently little or no repercussions.

But, should the table be turned and one of us looks the least bit threatening to these over-blown cowards, they suddenly become “very scared.”

Maybe that’s all white nationalists really are — sheep in wolves’ clothing.

Screenshot courtesy of BBC News 

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