Tea Partying Kentucky Gov.: Charlottesville Happened Because Bible Not Taught In Public Schools


Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin (R) believes that the tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia that took the life of 32-year-old counter-Nazi protester Heather Heyer, could have been prevented had America not stopped teaching the Christian Holy Bible in public schools.

Bevin was on a West Virginia radio show when the host, Tom Roten (no I’m not shitting you) asked about the insane bill he recently signed into law allowing the Bible to be taught in Kentucky’s public schools.

“When you go back a couple of hundred years, in most instances the only textbooks that were in our public schools were in the Bible,” Bevin claimed.

“And it’s interesting that the more we’ve removed any sense of spiritual obligation or moral higher authority or absolute right and wrong, the more we’ve removed things that are biblically taught from society, the more we’ve seen the kind of mayhem that we were just discuss,” he continued.

However, critics (a.k.a rational thinking people) noted several issues with Bevin’s deeply flawed reasoning.

“Say it all together now: The Bible was never bannedfrom public schools,” Hemant Mehta at Friendly Atheist. “What Bevinis referring to are mandatory Christian prayers. How that rejects some part of our history, I don’t know.”

“And why are we trying to replicate our education system from hundreds of years ago,” Mehta added.

This isn’t the first time Bevin suggested to just rub some Christ on it, as an official public policy response to real-world issues, a tactic his critics have dubbed as “Kentucky-fried Christianity.”

Over the summer, Bevin announced that he wanted to encourage local faith leaders to walk around troubled neighborhoods and pray away violence as an official public policy solution.

Bevin’s plan is to have Faith leaders walk around “two to three times a week during the next year” praying up and down drug infested neighborhoods, which makes much more sense than addressing all the social, political, and economic challenges facing those communities.

“The weekend following Gov. Matt Bevin’s prayer plan was marred by violence, leaving four dead in just three days,” the Courier-Journalnoted.

Meanwhile, Homicides continue to rise in Louisville, Kentucky while Bevin wonders around his state looking for other problems he can “fix” with his trusty ole “good book.”

Charlottesville Featured Image via YouTube.

Source Credit: Raw Story, and CNN


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