So-Called Pastor Says Of Donald Trump: ‘Some Of His Best Friends Are Jewish’

You’ve probably seen Darrell Scott on cable news shows, defending anything and everything President Trump does and says, no matter how vile or disgusting it may be.

Scott was a guest on MSNBC Tuesday afternoon, and he was asked by host Katy Tur to comment on some of the things Trump had said in defense of neo-Nazis and other racist bigots who showed up in Virginia last weekend. Scott replied:

“The media has driven the narrative that Trump embraces white supremacy…but it’s not true.

“You know full well he does not embrace Nazism. His son-in-law is Jewish, his personal lawyer, my friend Michael Cohen, his parents were holocaust survivors, he’s Jewish.”

And then Scott dredged up that infamous old standard in a desperate attempt to excuse the fact that the president had said some of the far-right marchers had been “fine people.” Scott told Tur:

“Some of his best friends are Jewish. His daughter converted to Judaism, his grandson is being raised Jewish. How can people even think that he embraced Nazism or neo-Nazism?”

Perhaps someone needs to give Pastor Scott a history lesson: Adolph Hitler, who was responsible for the deaths of at least 60 million human beings, was known to be devoted to his two German Shepherds, whom he loved. He doted on them, adored them, and treated them with nothing but kindness. But he was still a mass murdering bastard!

Some of his best friends are Jewish? Really?! If that’s the best Scott and other Trumpkins can do, they’ve lost the argument before it ever began.

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