BUSTED: Fox News Caught Faking Violence At Boston Rally

It’s incredibly ironic how President Trump constantly whines about any press coverage of him that isn’t favorable being “fake news” when you consider that this is the very same man who slobbers all over Fox News every chance he gets.

But something Fox did earlier today while covering the the Free Speech rally taking place in Boston proves conclusively that Fox News is and always will be the original Home of Fake News. Take a look at this:

Be sure and make special note of that headline below the video:

“Woman waving American flag hit, dragged by protester.”

Reading that, you’d naturally assume that some protesters hit a woman and then dragged her, but watching the video proves that it was the woman’s American flag which was taken from her and dragged away. The lady later recovered that flag and no harm was done. No blows were exchanged and no one was injured. But Fox News minions being the simple-minded dolts they are, Twitter exploded with condemnation of the “animals” among the counter-protesters:

So, let’s review what we’ve learned today: Fox News is the propaganda wing of the Trump administration and can never be trusted to report what is actually happening. Oh, and their patron, Sir Orange Cheeto himself, is a pathological liar who is under investigation for being a traitor.

Glad we could clear that up.

Featured Image Via Fox News

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