Bill Maher Trolls Hypocrite Republicans By Having Obama Impersonator Read Trump Quotes

Imagine, for just a second, if President Obama had said some of the incredibly offensive, outrageous, and flat-out ignorant things that come out of President Trump’s mouth every single time he opens it.

Such was the premise of Bill Maher on his HBO show Real Time Friday evening. Maher noted that had Obama said or done any of the things Trump has, there would be loud hoots among Republicans for Obama to be impeached ASAP. And he added:

“‘Republican principles’ no longer has any meaning. Since Trump got elected, they’ve pulled utter 180s… when Obama signed executive orders it was ‘proof we were being governed by a lawless tyrant.’ Now Trump does it and he proudly displays them like he’s ‘The Price is Right’ girl.”

Maher’s right. When Obama signed an executive order, Republicans whined that he was subverting the Constitution. Now, however, when it’s Trump, they smile and applaud like they’re watching a toddler walk for the first time.

Then Maher brought out Obama impersonator Reggie Brown to repeat some of Trump’s greatest hits, like his cruel remarks about how John McCain isn’t a war hero because he was captured. Maher looked into the camera and told a truth that must be very painful to Republicans who still have the ability to be honest with themselves:

“Oh come on, wouldn’t you be furious if Obama had said, ‘the White House is a dump? Or whatever ridiculous thing Trump said? Nope. They never admit it. ‘We’d be cool with it. We’re consistent.’”

If Obama had ever said the hateful, misogynistic things Trump has about women (i.e. grabbing them by the pussy), there’d be a line of rednecks down Pennsylvania Avenue ready to lynch him. The right wingers may not ever admit it, but deep in their shriveled up hearts they know it’s true.

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