AZ Trumpkin Threatens To Run Over Protesters And Gets Dealt A GIANT Dose Of Karma

A man in Arizona has learned the hard way what we’ve all been told in the age of social media: Careful what you say online because it could come back to bite you right on your ass.

Such is the case with James Cobo of Phoenix, Arizona. Cobo saw an announcement from organizers of an event named “Protest Trump Downtown Phoenix” on Facebook and decided he’d respond with this message:

A total dick move on Cobo’s part, but he wasn’t expecting what happened next.

West Valley Tires Point S, where Cobo works, caught wind of his Facebook threat and quickly gave him the ax, saying in a statement after they had kicked Cobo to the curb:

“West Valley Tires Point S wants to publicly state we do not condone or support violence or prejudice in anyway shape or form. We were recently made aware of an employee that posted outrageous posts and videos that are in no way affiliated with the positive views, values and appreciation we have for people in our community and throughout the world. That person is no longer affiliated with West Valley Tires Point S.”

As you might expect, Cobo is now pretending he’s the victim, whining to a reporter:

“I’m being made into a horrible person over a joke that was just meant to ruffle some feathers. I admit it was a tasteless joke, but keyword here is it was a joke. If anybody was ever going to go and intentionally hurt people, why would they talk about it on social media publicly before doing it?

I never hurt anybody, nor did I have the intent to. I never said I was actually going to hit anybody with a vehicle. They assumed it. Never would have thought it would be a big deal. I still can’t figure out why I’m being called a racist. I’ve never even said anything racist.”

Translation: Boo hoo, I’m a loser asshole piece of shit without a job. How could anyone take my threats seriously? I was just being a shithead and I got caught. Please feel sorry for me!

Not gonna happen, James. You’re a pathetic loser douchebag and you got exactly what you deserved.

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