Anti-Fascist Protesters In Arizona Creatively Deface Jefferson Davis Monument

A monument to Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy during the Civil War, was vandalized with tar and feathers this week.

The Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway monument sits along U.S. 60. Local authorities are investigating the incident. This was the second Confederate Monument defaced in Arizona this week. It is also the most recent in a string of vandalism of Confederate monuments across the country.

The debate over what to do with Confederate monuments has ramped up after the violence in Charlottesville over the past weekend.

President Trump said:

This contrasts what he said during the campaign. He said that they should be in museums instead.

Mesa resident John Rogers told the local news:

“Somebody had to put a little thought into it, but this is going to cost a lot of money to clean up.”

Republican Gov. Doug Ducey doesn’t want the monuments removed, but he condemned the vandalism:

“Vandalizing these monuments is not productive. This will not lead to the civil discourse and debate that we have been calling for.”

“It is a short-term action that does not help the long-term goal of having these offensive monuments removed from state property.”

Arizona was not a state during the Civil War, but the Confederacy claimed southern portions of it during the war.

Police found a glove at the scene that was collected for evidence. Police also took samples of the feathers and tar for testing as well.

Here is the local news report:

Here are some Twitter reactions to the vandalism:

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