ABC Reporter Turns Snitch, Calls Cops On Hungry Victims Of Hurricane Harvey

Those of us who went to journalism school learned a very valuable and ironclad rule that every reporter should always follow: Never involve yourself in a story. You’re there to report, to serve as a witness, and the minute you get yourself in the middle of any story, you’ve lost your objectivity.

But apparently Tom Llamas of ABC News was absent the day that lesson was taught.

Llamas is in Texas reporting on the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. While doing his job as a reporter, he happened to see some people taking food from a supermarket. So he tweeted out:

“We’re witnessing looting right now at a large supermarket in the NE part of Houston and police have just discovered a body nearby.

“We informed police of the looting and Coast Guard is flying overhead. Multiple officers now on the scene.”

Wait a damn minute! Does this asshole work for ABC News or is he an informant for the police? How is it his job to be a snitch for the authorities?

When Llamas began getting smacked around online for his actions, he deleted his tweet about “looting,” but not before someone managed to get a lovely screenshot:


Notice how Llamas tried desperately to cover his ass by saying that he was already with the cops on another matter and just so happened to see the so-called looting? While that may be true (and I have my doubts), it still wasn’t his job to mention anything he noticed to the cops. He should know that.

And Llamas got plenty of harsh words from the Twitterverse, too:

My question for Tom Llamas would be this: Did your journalism degree come from Trump University?

Featured Image Via ABC News Screengrab

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