WATCH: Alex Jones Goes Off On Pedestrians Who Get Their Revenge…With Coffee

Alex Jones is one of the biggest buffoons on the face of the planet, so it’s little wonder that President Trump is such a YUGE fan of the well-known conspiracy theorist.

On Friday, Jones was in Seattle, standing on a street corner (where’s an errant streetcar when you need one?), and ranting about “globalist economic warfare,” when a man passed by and flipped a bird at Jones. That made Jones angry and he responded:

“You aren’t an intellectual, you’re a dumbass.”

The passerby retorted:

“Fuck off!”

Then Jones started ranting again:

“These little trendy cowards want to tell people like me to eff off, but they don’t want to actually talk to my face. That’s all these people got is ‘fuck you’ — well you know what? Fuck you.”

They’re telling you that, Alex, because you’re a demented joke of a human being.

Another pedestrian then told Jones:

“You’re trash.”

The over-caffeinated Jones began running across the street to confront the man, demanding that he “tell people intellectually who you are.”

With expert timing, the man looked at Jones and declared:

“Intellectually who I am? I’m your momma!”

When Jones called the man “a literal slave of the system,” he got a Thermos of coffee dumped on him. Jones could only reply with:

“I’m proud of this.”

Personally, the whole thing looks like a prearranged act. And knowing Jones, he’s capable of paying someone to dump coffee on him so he can then post the video and get thousands of hits. At the moment, the video has over 275,000 views on Twitter. And climbing.

But, if it was real, then so much the better. Alex Jones should have coffee dumped on his fat head at least once a day for the rest of his life.

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