Yes, Alex Jones Really Thinks Liberals Want To Drop A 2000-Pound Bomb On Trump (VIDEO)

InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is having another rantrum (you read that right), and once again, he’s mighty worried about fellow conspiracy theorist, President Donald Trump. He thinks us baby-eating, Satan-worshipping “libruls” are coming for our clueless leader and our guns.

In the latest installment of Jones’s rabid fear-mongering, Jones tells his followers to get locked and loaded:

“We need people to get aggressive in the face of this, and we need folks to — if you’re business owners, don’t wait for orders from headquarters. You should be putting billboards up everywhere about the plan to have a coup against Trump, the plan to overthrow America, the plan to take our guns. The plan. We’re kicking their butt. That’s going to cause them to have a all-or-nothing Battle of the Bulge attack, a counter-attack on us, that you’re now seeing them organize.”

You can almost see him salivating, he’s so into his message here. But if there’s one thing America needs under Trump, it’s a good overthrowing. With Cabinet members known for their racism and homophobia, and a GOP that wants to steal people’s healthcare (and has fortunately failed thus far), it’s entirely obvious that some of these people need new jobs. Far, far away from politics.

But Jones would rather put his hysteria on blast and whine about liberals and their non-existent coup.

“Trump — his Justice Department must move against the criminal preparations that are totally illegal according to so many federal laws it makes my head spin. To overthrow an elected president, to try to shut down the press. To have the CIA admittedly in Congress saying they want to shut down the independent media. All of this is illegal and all of it’s out of control.”

So he’s calling on his fellow conservatives and gun nuts everywhere to collectively mop the floor with progressives.

“We have to move against them on every front, politically exposing him as the criminals. They’re trying to normalize military coup right now to try to do it. Guaranteed they’ve already been given orders to do it. Guaranteed they’ve already been given orders to try to get a coup going in these rogue agencies and it hasn’t happened, but they’re trying to organize it and they’re trying to work with outside groups. And we’re so wide open, ladies and gentlemen, they might get away with it.”

Which makes me want to know where I can find these progressives and sign up.

He also has it in for former Director of Intelligence James Clapper, who is no fan of Trump. And Jones has opined that he thinks John Brennan is a “leather daddy,” because, of course, there’s just nothing too insane for Jones to say.

“So I’m here to tell you, Trump needs to come out and address the nation. He needs to point this out and then we need to see indictments of these people. We need to see former CIA director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper indicted for sedition, indicted for treason, indicted for multinational espionage. This corporate fraud is so big they come in and take your whole government and then they try to get rid of your free press, get rid of your president so they can keep selling the country out.”

Then he claimed this is all really happening and that it’s dangerous not to get the word out.

“They want to just calmly start talking about ‘yeah, the cops deserve to get shot. Yeah, we need to burn down the cities, you know.Yeah, we really need to, you know, kill some of these governors. Yeah, Trump needs to die. We need to have the military overthrow him. Yeah, you know, he’s a Russian. Yeah, it’s time for us bipartisanly to just kinda — it’s no big deal, hey, everybody be calm when this happens and we don’t want the country torn apart.”

Jones is so embedded in his fantasies that he doesn’t see his own hypocrisy here. He wants his fellow gundamentalists to hunt down liberals and do the very thing he’s accusing them of doing. He wants liberals to be prosecuted for his imaginary complaints and his followers believe him unquestioningly.

And sometimes, when they do this, it turns deadly.

Last year, one man drove from North Carolina to Washington, D.C. and fired on a pizza restaurant that Jones claimed was a front for Democratic pedophiles and Satanists, Newsweek reports. Court records show he’d been discussing Jones’s show with his friends before going on his mission. And in 2014, right-wing InfoWars fans Jerad and Amanda Miller, of Indiana, killed two police officers, and posted messages on InfoWars. Jones claimed that the shooting was a false flag to discredit the right. Seems like the right does a pretty decent job of doing that itself — by being represented by people like Jones.

Which is why I saved his craziest for last:

“They’re trying to get the talking points out a 2,000-pound bomb on Trump. Turn the air defenses off and have one of their crazies they’ve already got picked out go in there. I’m telling you, folks, the sky’s the limit. I bet they got pilots ready to get in [A-10] Warthogs right now somewhere in Virginia. You understand? The president needs to go in a bunker, he needs to declare this is going on. We’re already in a civil war — they admit it.”

This would be hilarious if it weren’t for the fact that so many ignorant people believe this man. And, like Jones himself, many of these people are Trump supporters.

It’s going to be a long four years.

You can watch Jones pile on the crazy in the video below.

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