White House Promises Vote On Trumpcare Is Very Close–GOP Senator Calls Bullsh*t

In case you were wondering exactly where the Senate bill on healthcare is now that Congress has gone home for the July 4th recess, the White House is painting a very rosy picture, with White House Director for Legislative Affairs Marc Short telling Fox News:

“We’re getting close. We hope that [when senators] come back the week after [their July 4th] recess, we’ll have a vote.”

But Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul poured cold water on that idea, also telling Fox:

“I don’t think we’re getting anywhere with the bill we have. We’re at an impasse. So right now this bill, which is not a repeal, has become the kitchen sink.”

Of course, Paul, being the heartless libertarian that he is, thinks the Senate bill isn’t draconian enough, also commenting:

“The bill is just being lit up like a Christmas tree full of billion-dollar ornaments.”

Senator Paul is of the opinion that the repeal and replace bills for the GOP healthcare bill should be separated and voted on:

“Let’s do clean repeal like we’ve promised. You can have a simultaneous bill or a concurrent bill that they can call replace.”

Yeah, even though Congressional Republicans and President Trump have yet to prove they’re capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time, we should trust them when they say they know how to pass legislation.

Since the Trump administration and the GOP seem so eager to do something (anything!) they can take credit for, here’s an idea they can chew on and that might actually improve their pathetic standing with the public: Improve Obamacare by cooperating with Democrats or give us single-payer Medicare for all.

But Rand Paul and his bloodless colleagues in the GOP would never do anything to benefit average Americans. It would violate the oath they took when they became whores for the Koch brothers and other corporate interests.

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