White House Now Coordinating With White Nationalists To Defend Donnie Junior (DETAILS)

In technical, legal terminology, the fact that Donald Trump Jr. has now confirmed he did indeed meet with Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya during the 2016 campaign means he’s now in some very deep shit. No matter how you spin it, regardless of what he or his lawyers try to say, Junior now appears to be the smoking gun the investigation was lacking until now.

As controversy swirls around Trump Jr., we get word today from a writer with Axios that the Trump White House is now springing into action and actively defending the president’s son in a truly disgusting manner:

The reference to “Pepe Nation” means that the administration is cranking up its contacts with the alt-right/neo-Nazi/white nationalist base that creams itself anytime the president speaks. They love the racist, xenophobic strains of darkness that emanate from assholes like top White House advisers Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, both of whom could be poster boys for a Pervs ‘R’ Us calendar.

Should we be worried that the knuckle draggers are now being mobilized to defend Junior? The Anti-Defamation League sure thinks so:

Of course, President Trump has long played footsie with the KKK and other hate groups that are eager to see him deport everyone who doesn’t look as inbred and ignorant as them. It’s the only way they can ever truly be “superior” and live out their paranoid delusions of ruling the world as they furiously masturbate to grainy images of Hitler and Stalin.

So the wannabe Nazis are now on alert and have Donnie Part II’s back, do they? Well then, this all got a whole helluva lot more fun. Bring it on, assholes!

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