WATCH: Poland’s First Lady Blatantly Ignores Trump, Refuses Handshake

Pres. Donald Trump (gawd I hate typing that phrase….) had plenty of awkward moments on his European tour for the G20 summit last week, but this encounter with Agata Kornhauser-Duda — the first lady of Poland — is the best thing ever. Like, seriously….ever.

From ABC:

The U.S. and Poland’s presidential couples were shaking hands Thursday before Trump’s speech in front of a crowd in Warsaw, the Polish capital.


She then moved with an extended hand toward Melania, but Trump, standing nearer, thought the handshake was for him again and reached out to Kornhauser-Duda. He flashed a somewhat startled and disappointed look when the Polish president’s wife shook Melania’s hand, not his.

Quickly sizing up the situation, Kornhauser-Duda gave Trump a second handshake and he gave her a pardoning smile.

The glorious lady in pink became an instant internet heroine and “international treasure”:

Predictably, the right wing sites had their own (utterly stupid) spin on what happened. Via Red State:

Lots of people are calling this a snub, but it looks to me like she was just more anxious to meet the First Lady and when her eyes found Mrs. Trump all things Donald were forgotten. And can we blame Mrs. Polish First Lady? Melania Trump certainly does cut quite a figure, especially standing next to a seemingly perpetually rumpled Mr. Trump. By all accounts the Polish people are quite taken with her. The full video of the encounter seems to confirm those suspicions, but I’m still laughing. Haven’t we all had this happen to us at one time and ended up looking like a complete dork?

No, this has actually never happened to me.

To be fair, she did later shake his hand, but I think the slight was intentional and her subsequent handshake with the orange menace was an afterthought. Why do I think this? Because I believe the NO ONE would walk past Pres. Barack Obama in this way.

Trumpster? We’re just not that into you. Mrs. Kornhauser-Duda just proved that when you’re famous, they don’t always let you grab it.

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