Wackobird Supreme Alex Jones: Trump Jr. Was ‘Doing His Job…Trying To Find Russian Spies’

On Tuesday, as President Trump’s son, Donald Jr., was busy incriminating himself on Twitter by releasing emails between him and a Russian lawyer he later met with, all of Washington began to buzz with words that haven’t been used in decades and others that are likely to become routine in the months ahead: Collusion, impeachment, treason.

Even onetime defenders of the Trump administration are now running as far away as fast as they can from the White House. And Republicans who have been somewhat skeptical of Trump since he first decided to run for office are now saying there are lots of questions yet to be asked about the new information in the Russia probe:

A former supporter of President Trump, Congressman Lee Zeldin, even walked back his earlier comments about Trump Jr’s meeting being a “big nothingburger”:

As for Fox News, there even seems to be a sense of resignation taking hold there among some of the hosts (with the exception of good Nazi Sean Hannity) that the latest revelations could indeed prove to be the smoking gun.

But longtime lugnut radio host Alex Jones is not ready to give up on his political savior, announcing on his show Tuesday that all of the uproar is much ado about nothing. See, Jones has a theory for why Donald Trump Jr. was really willing to meet with that Russian lawyer. It wasn’t collusion, he maintains. Junior was being a patriot, dammit!

“I was just watching during the break Democrat senators flipping out on CNN going, ‘This is incredibly serious, Donald Jr., Russians did influence the election.’ Because they met with one lady who wanted to talk about sanctions. They’re like, “No, we don’t want to talk about Russian connections to Hillary — which are now confirmed. That’s Donald Jr. doing his job. So that he’s trying to find Russian spies, he is now a Russian spy.”

Did you catch that? Trump Jr. was trying to find Russian spies. Proving yet again that you can serve some people a triple-decker shit sandwich and they’ll still beg for second helpings.

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