UPDATE: NJ Budget Impasse And Forced Shutdown Ended – What The Hell Happened?

New Jersey was, as of July 3, shutdown over a fight around Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield and a $34.7 billion overhaul. Although

Assembly Speaker, Vincent Prieto (D-Secaucus), is being painted as an “obstructionist” because he refuses to pass a budget that has a rider that will restructure Horizon.

The heads of Horizon believe that the measure by Governor Chris Christie is “anti-capitalistic,” while Christie claims that the CEO’s of the non-profit were not acting morally by just sitting on their reserves, totaling $2.4 billion, while paying its CEO’s millions of dollars.

Governor Chris Christie wanted to overhaul Horizon and, in exchange, Democrats would get $300 million in spending desires.

Currently, Christie will not waive line-item veto authority which makes some lawmakers worried that Christie will not make good on his promise of the $300 million in spending increases.

Christie, who is not seeking reelection, basically has political carte-blanche to push his own agenda. Between “Bridge-gate” and his laughable 2016 Presidential bid, Christie seems to be done with politics, so what does he have to lose?

Much like the fight in Maine, egos play a large role in this fight as insults fly from Christie and Prieto.

Christie is referring to the shutdown as “Speaker Preito’s shutdown” and Preito refers to it as “Christie’s Hostage Crisis.”

Also, like Maine, the shutdown is affecting the average member of New Jersey, not the elites. As parks are shutdown, Christie still takes his family to a closed, private beach.

Hopefully Christie and Preito will make their citizens proud and work together instead of keeping the shutdown going for as long as their egos will let it.


The New Jersey shutdown ended after three days when Governor Christie signed a $34.7 billion budget, which included the Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield overhaul.

According to Reuters, this may help

” …New Jersey Governor Chris Christie move past the embarrassment of being photographed on a beach that had been closed to the public.”

However, there are still 10 more states in the union that do not have budgets of July first.

Featured Image by Gage Skidmore Via Flickr/CC-By-Sa-2.0.

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