Twitter’s Dying With Laughter As Republican Heads Continue To EXPLODE Over Failed Obamacare Repeal

Republicans are still reeling after suffering a stunning and humiliating defeat this week after their efforts to pass their so-called “skinny” Obamacare repeal went down in a ball of flames after Senator John McCain cast his surprising “no” vote on Friday.

The failure has been particularly painful since the GOP was riding on a high wave of false optimism after McCain made a dramatic 11th-hour-style return to Washington earlier in the week to vote “yes” on a measure to allow debate on the Obamacare repeal to move forward. Donald Trump was practically doing a jig; he was on McCain’s nuts like they were Putin’s.

However, like Lucy (from the Peanuts comic strip) it appears McCain was only setting up the football that he’d eventually pull from under his own party as they attempted to score the game “winning” field goal.

The look on Senate Majority Mitch McConnell’s face was said it all, as just moments before McCain calmly ambled up to the floor to cast his vote. The Majority Leader was laughing and joking with a colleague before the vote.

However, his thin smile was quickly wiped from his smug turtle-like face after McCain dramatically held out his hand for what must have seemed like an eternity before spiking the thumbs down gesture (signifying his no vote).

To add injury to insult, McCain paused and looked directly into McConnell’s eyes just before casually walking back to his seat like it wasn’t shit.

However, McCains “fuck you” hall of fame worthy performance didn’t go over well with Republican pundits who immediately took to Twitter to whine, rant, and lament over McCain’s vote.

And of course, let’s not forget the “Snowflake-in-Cheif’s “classy” reaction.

The conservative propaganda group “FreedomWorks” issued one particularly butthurt statement, condoning McCain and the two other Republicans who chose to vote their conscience instead of for their party’s self-destructive agenda.

“Last night’s vote was a slap in the face to every conservative who has been promised that Republicans would repeal ObamaCare. Sens. John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins voted against the ‘skinny repeal’ of ObamaCare, theoretically the least repeal that can be achieved because so many Republicans went back on their votes for a 2015-style repeal,” FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon said in a statement. “The Republican Party has been all about ObamaCare repeal for the better part of a decade, and now we see that they have been writing checks to voters that they knew the Bank of Obama wouldn’t cash. Now that President Trump would sign it, they have exposed themselves as frauds.”

However, Twitter had a slightly different take on the embarrassing defeat of the GOP’s long-fantasized Obamacare repeal.

Saving the best for last.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Trump and the GOP’s in for a long and very rough four years. I almost hope the orange idiot doesn’t get himself impeached so that he can feel every bump as the presidency continues to drag his feckless pampered ass over the road to a landslide defeat in 2020.

Source Credit: Talking Points Memo

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