Trump Tweetstorm Debunked: The G20, Election Hacking, Cybersecurty And Syria Edition

Early Sunday morning, our alleged president, Donald Trump, spent a good hour likely on the toilet tweeting out of his ass – as he does most mornings.

Today’s sewer stream was the culmination of the G20 summit and not at all too unexpected.

In fact, we all knew that G20 plus Russian president Vladimir Putin plus our illustrious Trump would lead to today’s tweetstorm, and some even predicted just how it would go:

Let The Sewer Spew Begin

Trump started by proclaiming how awesome he thinks the G20 summit went. Except, it didn’t. In fact, the only thing Trump managed to do at G20 was isolate the U.S. even further from our allies on many topics, but especially the Paris Climate Accords.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, according to BuzzFeed News, that she’s saddened by the U.S. confirming its intent to leave the agreement but she is:

“…Very gratified to note that the other 19 member states of the G20 say that the Paris agreement is irreversible.”

Way to go Trump! Great way to

Next, he went into how he “vehemently” tore up President Vladimir Putin about meddling in the 2016 U.S. election (he didn’t – Trump was friendly and accepted Putin’s answer at face value, unapologeticlly taking the Kremlin’s word over that of U.S. intelligence officials), and promised Putin wasn’t lying when he denied the meddling (he was lying – Robert Mueller and his investigation exist because Russian meddling is real),

Next, Trump gloated how “they,” Trump and Putin, negotiated a Syrian ceasefire.

Oh, did they now? Really. Hmm…

Well, sadly, the truth is that the “they” being Trump and Putin – didn’t. At least, not alone.

Trump and Putin did have a part in the current ceasefire in Syria, and it started right after they concluded their meet at the G20, it wasn’t just them. In fact, they seem to have conveniently forgotten that it was the U.S., Russia AND Jordan that negotiated the ceasefire. And that it’s Jordanian people who will be providing a good part of the security and monitoring, while trying to get back into their Syrian homes.

At this point, Trump was on a roll and spewing more bullshit than his ass was. What came next, though, almost boggles the mind, but was to be expected nonetheless…

A Trump-Putin Cybersecurity Unit?

Trump in all his fake ass glory proclaimed how he and Putin would create what he called, “an impenetrable Cyber Security unit [sic]” to battle “election hacking” among other “negative things.”

Talk about traitor.

This is even worse than Trump nonchalantly going along with Putin’s denial of election hacking. Or Trump’s insistence that Putin is right, but the numerous intelligence agencies that have evidence of the hacking are wrong.

He’s giving away the keys to the U.S. cyber castle.

Not only did Putin already admit to Russian interference with our election process, but Trump did as well, not to mention Trump’s insistence that Russia “hack” us in order to get to former Secretary of State and presidential contender Hillary Clinton’s “30,000 missing emails.”

I for one cannot explain just how disgusted I am at this alleged president and his endless tweetstorms. The sheer audacity that this man has at throwing away any sense of dignity the U.S. has left just to make kissy-face with Putin is beyond the imagination. Except it’s not because we’re living it every day.

I don’t wish harm on anyone ever. But this is one president who would deserve the brunt of the Universe’s karma when impeachment day finally comes.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video

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