Either Trump Was Psychic Or He Was Trying To WARN Us With THIS Tweet (TWEETS/VIDEO)

On July 4, 2014, a man took to Twitter and asked if it were possible to impeach a president for “gross incompetency.” That man was none other than President Donald Trump.

So now that he’s in the White House, we’d like to educate him on how to impeach a president for gross incompetency.


Just like most of us turn to food when we’re stressing out, Trump turns to Twitter. He panders to millions of people in a move that helped him gain a strong, cult-like following.

Back when white supremacists were on the verge of a mental breakdown, he tweeted:

His current morning tweet storms usually happen between six and seven as well. Talk about a healthy digestive track.

While most people would simply google the answer to that question, we’re also dealing with a man who needs constant reassurance from his peers. We must assume that he didn’t know how to use Google.

We have good news for you, Mr. President. You can absolutely impeach a president for gross incompetency. Here’s how that works.

25th Amendment

To save our country from being run by a narcissistic, mentally unstable, shady con man, the 25th Amendment was added to our constitution 50 years ago. Long story short, this allows Congress to remove a president if they appear to be mentally unstable.

https://cdn1.lockerdome.com/embeds/liberalamerica_meanlefthook_main_content_multi_impression_unit.jsFor example, if the president is being interviewed about bombing a country and he’s so focused on a piece of cake that he actually forgets which country he bombed. This is an example of “gross incompetency.”

Another example would be if he called the media “Fake News” whenever they criticized him. We live in a democracy, not a dictatorship. For example, saying facts aren’t true.

A president should also be an example to everyone, whether they supported them during the campaign or not. They should also respect everyone they represent, be they small children or the disabled.

Another example of “gross incompetency” would be any violation of the Emoluments Clause, which forbids anyone in public office from using it for private gain. For example, letting their daughter attend a meeting with a foreign leader and then having them get a business deal in that country.


We hope this answers your question, Mr. President. For future reference, a quick google search might save you from embarrassment.

Watch this video to learn more about the 25th Amendment.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter.

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