Trump Spends Way Too Much Time Tweet Attacking Everything And Everyone

Why would Donald Trump spend his presidential time on tweets to attack the media, national leaders, and other people at the top, mostly women?

The alarming rate at which the U.S. President tweets are an embarrassment, fellow Republicans can no longer contend their disappointment in their chosen one.

Adam Kinzinger a Republican Rep. on Friday, told CNN when he addressed the issue of Trump’s tweets attacking MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski:

“I expect him to act like a president.”

Kinzinger said:

“That’s a tweet that’s not even becoming of a city councilman.”

So much is expect from a President by American people who allegedly elected him out of a desire for “straight talk” instead he is punching downward, singling out individuals, and trying “to go after folks’ character.”

He went ahead to call Trump tweets “nonsensical,” saying he hoped someone in the White House was watching and could change the tone.

The previous week, Trump tweeted a fake video of himself wrestling with a man he caricatured as CNN:

On Tuesday when North Korea launched their Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, Trump tweeted:

Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom last month was canceled because of his tweet response when London Bridge was attacked.


Trump Tweets Report

Investigations show that Trump spends great part of his office time attack-tweeting on the media than anything else.

To date, a minimum of 298 tweets are registered in the Trump tweet archive.

He has succeeded in diverting their attention to cover his tweet attacks, which means they’re not covering any of his policy points. Not that any of them are worth much. In any case, the media are engaged in a wild goose chase after Trump.

Trump is also indirectly sending signals to other National Leaders, warning them to tread carefully. His tweets suggest he would go to lengths to deal with anybody that messes with him.

Trump is working to impress his supporters through his tweet attacks to prove that he is still the fighter they have always wanted. Except he never really wanted anything but to line his pockets.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

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