Trump Never Pays For His Own Anything – Thinks Insurance Costs $12 (TWEETS/VIDEO)

We’ve all seen those life insurance commercials, the ones that say you can get outstanding coverage for about $12 a month. As it turns out, the man who’s running our country thinks health insurance works about the same way.


President Donald Trump swore up and down that he would give everyone better health insurance. For some reason, he just didn’t care for the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHCA). You know, the one that’s given millions of Americans coverage.

In reality, he knows very little about healthcare works. He most likely just wanted to say he did something better than his predecessor, former President Barack Obama.

And now he can’t.

Now that Trumpcare is a thing of the past and we can all breathe a sigh of relief, here’s further proof that he really has no idea how it works.

Trump actually said:

“So pre-existing conditions are a tough deal. because you are basically saying from the moment the insurance, you’re 21 years old, you start working and you’re paying $12 a year for insurance, and by the time you’re 70, you get a nice plan.”

No, Mr. President. That’s not how health insurance works.


Health insurance usually costs a couple hundred dollars a month, whether it’s through the AHCA or an employer. Most people also have a large deductible to meet before the insurance pays out, too.

Which makes us wonder what the deductible would be with a $12 annual payment.

This type of statement from Trump is just icing on the cake of his disastrous administration, though. Members of #TheResistance are now used to tweeting about his ignorance, which includes everything from international affairs to lusting after his own daughter.

One person blamed it on him having a toddler mentality while watching real fake news:

Someone else stated the obvious and said that Trump just doesn’t care about affordable healthcare:

And another person said this shouldn’t be too surprising, since Trump is wealthy and those who are well-off tend to be out of touch with reality:

Whatever the reason is for his ignorance, let this be a reminder to never stop resisting.

Watch this video to learn more about Trump and $12 healthcare we all wish existed.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

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