Trump Biographer Says POTUS Seems Weak, ‘Less Steady On His Feet,’ And May Be Ill

Since President Trump has never released any medical records from a reputable doctor who has treated him–remember the report issued by gastroenterologist Harold Bornstein, in which the doctor declared the Donald “astonishingly healthy?”– we basically have to take the word of Trump, a man who lies about everything, is 71, gorges on fast food, and never exercises.

But a Trump biographer who has know the president for decades is now sounding the alert about Trump, and he says Trump increasingly shows signs of not being well at all.

Appearing on CNN, Michael D’Antonio said in recent appearances such as the one in France, Trump appears unsteady and weak. He cited as an example the extended handshake the president gave to French head of state Emmanuel Macron:

“I also think that one thing that may not be noted by most people is that I suspect the president wanted to halt the little stroll that they were having.”

D’Antonio added that the incident in France is the culmination of weeks where Trump has repeatedly seemed at less than optimal health:

“I’ve noted in recent weeks that he doesn’t seem as vigorous. He doesn’t seem as steady on his feet. When he’s walking with someone he’ll pause often to point out something or chat, but I also think he may be steadying himself so that’s something for us to watch out for.”

The president has also been under extra stress with the constant revelations regarding his son meeting with Russian officials during the 2016 campaign. All of this suggests that perhaps Trump is wilting under the pressures of office.

Could it be that Trump knows he won’t last in office, so he’s attempting to set up the excuse that he can’t continue for health reasons? That might provide him a somewhat dignified way of resigning before the special counsel completes his investigation.

With Trump, you never can tell. It could all be just an act he’s trying to use as a way to elicit sympathy. When a man lies as often as he does, you learn to discount everything he says and does.

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