Idiot Ted Cruz Just Ensured The Total Annihilation Of The AHCA With His Amendment

Ted Cruz has the amendment that could keep the health care bill from dying the death that it really needs to. It’s called the “Consumer Freedom” amendment. It would allow insurers to not comply with Obamacare’s regulations as long as they offer one plan that actually does.

The amendment undermines price protections for people with pre-existing conditions. The healthy people would sign up for the non-compliant plan. This would cause the risk pools on the compliant plans to shrink and premiums would skyrocket.

This could price people with pre-existing conditions out of the damn market!

There is another option being pushed by South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds. He told reporters:

“I talked to Sen. Cruz a couple of weeks ago about it and told him I would support it as long as there are provisions built into it so long as there is a ratio, a specific ratio, between the least expensive plan and the most expensive plan that any insurance company offers. And if [insurers cut the price on a cheaper] pool, they have to cut the price on the most expensive pool as well.”

Basically, he wants the sick pool to be tied to the healthy pool. People who have pre-existing condition shouldn’t be penalized for it.

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn said this about Rounds’ idea:

“He said he thinks that doing something like that would be workable, you could offer lower-cost policies, but they would be connected to the higher-cost policies.”

I’m glad to see that they are at least looking at other options; I’m just not that optimistic about this bill in general.

It looks like this amendment will make the bill DOA.  The amendment is being included in Thursday’s vote; however, it could be taken out before passed. Here is the latest version of the bill to read.

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