Low Energy POTUS Dozes At G20 Summit And Has To Be Nudged By British PM (VIDEO)

While at the annual G20 meeting in Hamburg, President Trump met Friday with Russian president/mass murderer/terrorist Vladimir Putin and also attended a round-table meeting with other world leaders. And as you might have guessed, Trump found yet another new way to humiliate the United States.

As the Daily Mail reports:

“Theresa May stepped in to help Donald Trump as he daydreamed in a G20 meeting today.

“The Prime Minister prompted the US president by tapping him on the shoulder when he failed to notice that leaders were being asked to pose for cameras.”

Here, see for yourself:

The is only the latest example of Trump proving that he isn’t mentally or physically fit to be president. Earlier this week, he walked right past the presidential limousine and had to be directed back to it by a Secret Service agent:

Or maybe you prefer him getting visibly lost on a stage in Poland shortly after he gave a speech. Watch carefully and you’ll see that he doesn’t even seem to realize where in the hell he is:

Is it just me, or is the president showing signs of dementia? He was never the brightest knife in the drawer, but with each passing day it appears he’s slipping even further.

If ever there was a time for the 25th Amendment to be invoked, this would seem to be the perfect example of why it was created.

For more on the 25th Amendment as it relates to Trump, watch this segment from MSNBC:

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