The Last Thing The US Needs Is Another RWNJ Entertainer In Politics

Kid Rock, real name Robert James Ritchie, former nu-metal musician turned country/rock star, has raised eyebrows by announcing that he is running for United States Senate.

Mr. Ritchie will run against current Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow, if this isn’t a publicity stunt for a new album.

In another world, Kid Rock announcing a Senate run would be met with laughter but the recent election of President Donald Trump basically means anything can happen.

President Donald Trump ran on the idea that he was the “common man’s” answer to the ills that plagued him, and with Kid Rock’s bombastic and right-wing nature I do not believe he would differ.

This is the terrifying part, the Democrats haven’t answered Donald Trump’s rhetoric, they are still using the same tactics that lost them the Presidency, and potentially Stabenow’s seat. While the common man and woman are looking for someone who can help ease their economic woes the Democrats are still holding firm to their neo-liberal policies of old.

Now even though Kid Rock might just be using this for a publicity stunt, Americans cannot let those unfit for office sully the very Democracy we hold dear.

While President Trump had a real-estate “empire” to cling to, Kid Rock’s greatest accomplishment is getting me excited thinking “Werewolves of London” is about to play on the radio.

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