Self-Proclaimed Biggest Fan Of Donald Trump Cannot Name A SINGLE PROMISE Prez Has Kept

A few months back, Floridian Gene Huber made the national news when he was called onstage at a Donald Trump rally. Huber has long said that he’s Trump’s “super mega fan for life,” and he even salutes a cardboard cutout of the president each morning before he leaves the house and goes to work.

So it seems only fair when CNN host Alisyn Camerota was interviewing Trump supporters to see what they think of their president six months into office that the network would  want Huber to comment on all of the allegedly great things President Trump has done since taking office.

But Huber, who even had on a custom-made Trump T-shirt, came up short when the camera was turned on him. He started strong, telling Camerota:

“The promises that he’s made, he’s, he’s doing them.”

This led Camerota to ask the logical follow-up question:


Huber, giving the world his deer caught in headlights look, then had trouble with a reply, finally mumbling:

“Well, you just think about, let’s think about, as in, um, with ah, ahh, you know?”

No, Gene, we don’t know, which is why we were all hoping you could enlighten us. Need some help? Well let’s go down the list, shall we?

  • Border Wall: No money appropriated by Congress for any wall.
  • Muslim ban: Largely struck down by federal courts with the Supreme Court to possibly make a final ruling later this year.
  • Jobs: Plenty of those for attorneys as the Russia scandal widens on a daily basis, but the job numbers are about the same as the ones the Obama administration was getting.
  • Repeal and Replace Obamacare: A Senate vote is now on hold, but with only 12 percent of Americans saying they want to see the current healthcare law replaced by Trumpcare, it seems unlikely the GOP version will pass. If it does, at least 25 million people will lose their health insurance, all but guaranteeing that the GOP will lose the 2018 mid-term election in a landslide.

So, Gene, you’re right about something: Um, with ah, ahh, you know?

Yeah, we know, Gene. Now go back to sleep.

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