Republicans Want More Money For Gun Control – To Protect Them (VIDEO)

Republicans love to boast about “fiscal responsibility.”

They love to remind unassuming Americans the Republican party is the side hard-working, God-fearing patriots should be on if they care at all about “taxes” and “job-killing regulations.”

If they’re so fiscally responsible, why is it every opportunity they get to enact legislation designed to genuinely save Americans money over the long run, they blow off in favor of half-assed, short-term “solutions” that wind up costing us more?

Why is it Republican presidents have traditionally blown up the national debt more than Democratic presidents?

Case In Point: Climate Change

Updating our infrastructure to withstand climate change’s impacts over the next untold decades would save incalculable amounts instead of reacting more expensively later.

Another Point: Gun Control

After the shooting at a GOP congressional baseball practice last month, we would assume Republicans would finally be on board with sensible gun control legislation. At least so that lunatics like the one who shot and critically wounded House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) could once and for all be prohibited from ever dreaming of getting their hands on anything other than Super Soakers.

But… No

Republicans’ answer to America’s gun violence is to–you guessed it–ask taxpayers for more money to ensure GOP lawmakers’ own security. Not taxpayers’ security. Not Americans’ security. Lawmakers‘ own security.

The Washington Post reported:

“In the wake of Wednesday’s shooting, lawmakers are pushing to be allowed to use taxpayer funds to boost security at their personal homes and during events in their districts.”

An average of 93 Americans dies every day from gun violence. But the 240 Republican members of this Congress feel their lives are more important, and we need to pay more to protect them.

No one should live under the constant threat of violence–not elected officials, you, or I. I shouldn’t have to run for political office to avoid being shot.

Neither should you.

As Jason Easley states in a piece on Politicus:

“Throwing more taxpayer money at security is the Republican way of telling the American people that they are never going to fix the real problem and that the possibility of getting gunned down is just a fact of life in the United States of America.”

This is the majority party in Congress. Are we really that gullible?

2018 is coming. Get out there and make sure we elect legislators who support sensible gun control that protects all of us.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

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