Pakistan’s Secret Atheists

Sadly, being an atheist can carry a death sentence in many countries. In secret, many atheists are getting together to support one another. It is hard to survive when your very personal beliefs can carry a death sentence.

There is even a cyber-crime law that prevents people in Pakistan from posting about atheism online as well. The government put out newspaper ads calling on people to report any content they view online that could be deemed “blasphemy.”

Unfortunately, this law is being enforced. In June of this year, Taimoor Raza was sentenced to death for posting atheist content on Facebook.

One anonymous activist, “Zahir,” is rebelling and posting his diary online. From one entry:

“Dear Diary, I’ve been through four Twitter accounts in one year now. The last one got blocked last night. It doesn’t matter how vague my details are or if the pictures I use are generic. It’s as if someone is watching me. Every time this happens I feel that I should just give up. They want to silence me.”

Atheist blogger, “Hamza,” wrote:

“Dear Diary. Some people have called it an arrest but it was an abduction. I was held for 28 days. They wouldn’t identify themselves but I’m sure it was the military. There were eight days of torture and 20 days for healing. My whole body was black. They made me sign a statement that said I regretted what I and done and that I would not engage with political or religious blogging. And that my family could be a target if I spoke to the media.”

Being an atheist should not get you put to death.

Featured image via Twitter.

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