The Mooch’s Wife Files For Divorce–And It’s All Because Of Donald Trump (DETAILS)

This has not been a good week for White House Director of Communications Anthony Scaramucci. It started with him getting his clock cleaned during an interview on CNN and culminated Thursday evening when the New Yorker published details of a profanity-laced call “the Mooch” made to a reporter in which he threatened the Chief of Staff, who was fired via Twitter by President Trump Friday evening.

While Scaramucci might have been temporarily victorious in his stare down with Reince Priebus, he’s now facing the prospect of being a single man again. His wife, Deidre Ball, has filed for divorce, mainly because she’s sick and tired of his “naked political ambition.”

According to the New York Post, Ball is not fond of Donald Trump. Matter of fact, she “despises” the president, and she’s also sick of her husband, the Post reports:

“Deidre is not a fan of Trump, and she hasn’t exactly been on board and supportive of Anthony and his push to get back into the White House.”

Shortly after the Post published their article on the pending divorce, Scaramucci went on Twitter and posted this:

Let’s see, Scaramucci’s blatant political ambition is what led to the breakup of his marriage. But we’re just supposed to ignore that and not report the facts? Bullshit! This loudmouthed idiot, just like his moronic boss, thinks he can dictate what the press does and doesn’t focus on. It doesn’t work that way.

While I do indeed have sympathy for Ms. Ball and other members of the family, Scaramucci chose to live life in a fishbowl, and that kind of existence has consequences. For him to suddenly whine that it’s unfair for someone to report on the failure of his marriage is ludicrous. Maybe he’d be happier in a less public position.

My bet is that in time, Scaramucci will learn what others have found out the hard way: He gave up his life, his company, his marriage, and his privacy, all for a man who will eventually betray him and send him packing.

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