MO School District Ignores Separation Of Church And State – Pays $150K

A school district in Missouri wanted to reward its students for working so hard on their placement exams, so they took them to a sports complex with a climbing wall and video games. Sounds good, right? There is just one problem. The sports complex also happens to be a Christian ministry. The school district is paying dearly for this sneaky attempt to convert their students.

This wouldn’t have been a problem if the staff at the ministry would’ve just stuck to watching the children as they played. This is no different than churches hosting high school graduations if they are the biggest venue in town. It’s okay as long as they keep everything secular.

However, if you look at their liability form, the ministry had every intention of trying to convert those children. This is on the list on the form:

“We (I) understand that the officers, officials, agents, other participants and employees of Victory Ministry and Sports Complex may be inviting me or (my) our students to Bible studies and local churches of the Christian faith. While at any Victory Ministry and Sports Complex location or event (my) our student(s) has permission to participate in worship services, Bible studies or any other activities that may pertain to the Christian faith.”

The American Humanist Association sued the school district, who now owes over $150,000 in legal fees and damages. What was the school’s excuse? The students voted for the location. That shouldn’t matter. The adults should step in and say that the location isn’t allowed. The location shouldn’t have been one of the choice on this vote. They should’ve taken the students to an actual secular location.

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