Mike Pence Urged Americans To Call Congress About Trumpcare–It Backfired BIGLY On Him

Human Howdy Doody doll Mike Pence wants desperately to be accepted by the genital-grabbing, pervert president, and he’s always willing to go the extra mile in the vain hope of proving what a stand-up team player he is.

For example, while nearly every Republican member of the Senate now says they fail to see how the Trumpcare bill will ever be passed in the upper house of Congress, Mikey is still out there beating that dead horse:

Very close? Now is the time? Damn, I thought Mike was supposed to be a some sorta Christian. I had no idea he uses hard drugs that dull your senses and make you believe the impossible. Maybe all that goody-goody bullshit is just an act.

So, brainless Trump legions, the time is now! You must pick up your phone and call your Senators! You must beg them to take away your health insurance so that massive tax breaks can be given to people who make more in six months than most of us will make in a lifetime! Yes, poorly educated minions, you must watch as your elected officials give even more to the obscenely rich so we can finally prove that the only god we serve is indeed the Almighty Dollar! Praise the Lord and pass the collection plate!

Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite as the Veep had planned, and he was heavily trolled online with some biting comments:

There are times when I think how much better off this country will be once Trump is impeached. Then I remember Pence is VP and realize that impeachment needs to be a twofer.

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