Math-Challenged Election Commission Weasel: We May Never Know Who Won Popular Vote

Our man-baby president is incredibly insecure about something (OK, about any number of things): He’s afraid we’ll all learn that he’s an illegitimately elected head of state who not only lost the popular vote, but also had a boatload of help from the Russians.

As a result of Donnie’s massive Voter Insufficiency Syndrome, he feels an overwhelming need to say that millions of people voted illegally in 2016. He even decided to establish a “voter fraud” commission to investigate the matter. That commission is headed by longtime enemy of voting rights, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who is best described as a man who probably thinks–deep in his mustard seed sized heart–that anyone who isn’t white, male, and owns land should be banned from casting a vote.

Kobach was a guest on MSNBC Wednesday afternoon, and was asked point-blank by host Katy Tur if he accepted the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote over Trump by some 3 million total ballots. To that, Kobach commented:

“We’ll probably never know the answer to that question. Even if you could prove a certain number were cast by ineligible voters.”

Beg your pardon? The certified final popular vote totals for the 2016 president election are as follows:

  • Clinton: 65,844,610
  • Trump: 62,979,636
  • All others: 7,804,213

Taken aback, Tur then asked if the real reason the commission had been formed is to try and prove Trump’s dubious claim that millions of people voted illegally. Kobach replied:

“That is not the reason that the commission exists. It’s not here to justify, validate or invalidate what the president said in December of January about the 2016 election.”

One final time, Tur pressed Kobach on whether or not Clinton won the popular vote, only to have him reply like a trained parrot:

“We may never know the answer to that question.”

We damn well DO know the answer to the question, you freaking ass weasel! And for you to stand there and lie through your teeth tells us all why Trump picked you in the first place.

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