Kim Davis’ Same-Sex Marriage Stunt Screwed KY Taxpayers Out Of $225,000

Two years ago, Kim Davis made national news for denying same-sex couples their marriage licenses. It is costing the Kentucky taxpayers almost $225,000. The two couples eventually sued her and now their attornies are asking the states to pay their legal fees.

U.S. District Judge David Bunning said:

“Davis represented the Commonwealth of Kentucky when she refused to issue marriage licenses to legally eligible couples. The buck stops there.”

The legal director for the ACLU of Kentucky, William Sharp, said:

“It is unfortunate that Kentucky taxpayers will likely bear the financial burden of the unlawful actions and litigation strategies of an elected official, but those same voters are free to take that information into account at the ballot box.”

Davis’ attorney said that they will appeal the ruling anyway, even though they have officially lost the case.

Her attorney, Matt Staver, said that they didn’t lose the case. He thinks the case is moot since the state changed the law in 2016 and now county clerks’ names are no longer on the marriage licenses.

The story began in 2015 when the US Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. Many Christians in office rebelled against the decision. Davis did so by refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Bunning also wrote:

“There are no voluntary actions by Davis that would suggest the material alteration of the parties’ legal relationship was anything other than court-ordered.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Kentuckians have been screwed out of money by Fundamentalist Christians.

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