Ken Ham F*cks City Out Of $700,000 By Selling Ark Encounter For $10

Ken Ham F*cks City Out Of $700,000 By Selling Ark Encounter For $10Ken Ham’s Creationist group, Answers in Genesis, has sold his Ark Encounter park to themselves for a whopping $10. Why? To avoid paying a tax of $0.50 per ticket to the city to help pay for fire trucks and police cars and schools. They have been operating as a for-profit business, but now they are claiming to be a non-profit ministry to avoid these taxes.

When he built the Ark, he promised to create lots of jobs for the area, but then he only made them available to his Fundamentalist Christian buddies.

When the Ark Encounter was built the website said this:

“Due to the size of the Ark Encounter project, a for-profit LLC structure was selected to be able to help raise the approximately $150 million necessary to build it ($125 million of that total will come through investments)… The for-profit LLC structure allows for the primary funding to come from private equity investment, while at the same time ensuring that the control of the content, design, and operations of the Ark Encounter will be led by Crosswater Canyon, a wholly owned subsidiary of Answers in Genesis.”

“The for-profit LLC structure also allows the Ark Encounter to be eligible for various economic development incentives that would not have been available with a non-profit structure.”

So, it was a for-profit then, but it is a non-profit now? That just doesn’t make sense.

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