Immoral, P*ssy Grabbing Trump Declares, ‘IN AMERICA-WE WORSHIP GOD!’ (TWEETS)

Here’s a really funny joke you can use to crack up your friends and family: Did you know that President Donald Trump is a deeply religious man?

Lemme know when you’ve stopped laughing. My apologies if any milk shot out of your nose and embarrassed you.

Wednesday on Twitter, the Donald tried his damndest to act like he was Mike Pence and posted this:

Is that right? And here I was under the impression that the Founding Fathers made sure there would be no official religion for the United States. Also, exactly whose god are we supposed to worship? If we go by what Trump loves most, our god would be money and power, both of which he cannot seem to get enough of.

Also, it’s more than a tad bit hypocritical of a man who has been married three times (and cheated on the first two wives like an alley cat) and has bragged that he gets off on grabbing women “by the pussy” to start talking about deities and religion.

Others noticed the inconsistency between Trump’s words and actions and called him out for it:

Here’s something you may or may not have noticed: Whenever there was a prayer or moment of silence during the campaign, Trump never ever closed his eyes and pretended to pray. He was far too busy leering into the crowd to find his next female victim.

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