WATCH: You’ve Got To See These Trump Voters Explaining Their ‘Unshakable’ Faith

“It’s sad to say, but it’s the first time I’ve ever voted.”

Yes, Trump voters are saying stupid things like this. And I get it. It’s good that people are getting motivated to vote. But do they have to make such an uninformed choice?

The Trump Girl

stupid trump voters

The lady in the “Trump Girl” shirt is the one who offered up the fabulous quote at the beginning of the article, and she also said this:

“I grew up with my family loving Trump.”

Why? Did she love The Apprentice? What is there to love about Trump? I’d genuinely like to know.

And this:

“My kids are going to remember this. Their kids are going to remember this.”

Yes they are. And NOT in a good way.

The Sleepy Lady

And this lady, who basically forgives Trump for his bigotry and misogyny.

“Donald Trump has a straightforward way that he communicates.

When asked if Trump ever said anything that made her cringe, she dodged the question and said:

“I understand what’s behind what he’s saying…”

OK. Whatever. We do too. The difference is that we’re appalled by it.

The Complete Idiot

stupid trump voters

Lucas Quinn from Mississippi:

“He’s got a little Reagan in him, too, which is always a good thing.”

BUT then he said this stupid chit:

“Just uh..I don’t really know…I mean, I wasn’t really alive when Reagan was president, so I can’t speak on Reagan.”

The Unapologetic Racist

stupid trump voters

And Arial Robb (spelling on both?), who sells Trump Confederate flags and said this:

“They see a person that actually stands for what they’ve been thinking in their heads but were too afraid to say all the years.”

Yeah that is totally true. Things like defending the Confederate flag, for example. So now she thinks she’s free to say the N-Word and scream at Muslims on the freeway, I guess.

The Woman Who Wanted To Dress Up

stupid trump voters

Patriotic Patty said nothing interesting, but I wanted her ridiculous pic in this article.

Watch these geniuses and many more below:

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