Hateful Fox Host Says ‘Soulless’ Hillary ‘Would Sell Her Own Daughter To Be President’–Chelsea Responds

What makes so many of the disgusting on-air employees at Fox News so objectionable, so offensive, and so annoying is the simple fact that they don’t seem to give a damn about anyone but themselves. No one matters but them. They’re self-obsessed, shallow, vapid, and tend to have the IQ of a rutabaga, much like the president they adore, Donald Trump.

The perfect example is Lisa Boothe, a talentless hack who was sitting in on the Fox show The Five Friday when the discussion turned to the recent revelations about Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort meeting in June 2016 with a Russian attorney and member of Russian intelligence. Boothe thought she’d weigh in on comments made by former campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, Robby Mook. Boothe snarled:

“We’ve also seen so much self-righteous indignation to people that have no business being self-righteous. I absolutely love the fact that Robby Mook is talking about this.”

Then again, at least Mook isn’t as spiteful and filled with misplaced indignation as Booth.

Boothe then went after Hillary with a disgusting personal attack that proves just how hate-filled so many on the right are:

“He (Mook) literally worked for the most soulless person on this planet who would literally sell her daughter to be president. If she could sell her only child to be president. I mean, that’s how much she wants it.”

On Saturday, the aforementioned daughter, Chelsea Clinton, set Boothe straight with one tweet:

Exactly! Hillary Clinton is a wonderful mother, grandmother, and human being. She’s everything Donald Trump wishes he could be. And it’s looking like Trump sold his family, his tiny soul, and his country just so he could win the election.

So, Ms. Boothe, fuck you! Let your own jealousy of a truly accomplished woman eat you alive.

Here’s Boothe spewing her venom:

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