Hate Crime Committed And No One Gives A Damn

Phoenix, Arizona atheist, Anthony Erb, had his car smashed up by a rock. The rock read, “God is good.” He works with a local chapter of Atheists Helping The Homeless. He wears atheists shirts sometimes and he has an atheist symbol sticker on the back of his car.

He wasn’t too concerned about paying for the window because he has insurance, and he does have another car to get to work. He didn’t bother calling the police to report the hate crime because he was late for work. He just got in the other car and started driving.

He wasn’t too eager to get the police involved because of previous experiences with the police.

I hope he does contact the police because this is definitely a hate crime. If someone vandalized a car because the driver was a Christian, the police would be all over it. It would probably even make the evening news.

Also, they obviously targeted Anthony because of his atheism. Someone had to write that message on that rock. Vandalism is bad enough when it is random, but this is premeditated.

This is not the first case of discrimination against atheists, and it surely won’t be the last. High-school student Nicole Smalkowski in Oklahoma was bullied so badly that she had to be taken out of public school and homeschooled because she objected to being forced to pray with her basketball team before games. She didn’t do anything to stop them from praying. She just didn’t want to join them.

This discrimination is extremely wrong, but we know it won’t stop anytime soon.

Featured image via Twitter.

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