Fox Now Pushing Bullsh*t Claim That Trump Has Boosted The Economy By $4 Trillion

The propaganda ministry over at Fox News and Fox Business have been working overtime lately to try and provide an alternate reality in which Russia is no big deal and President Trump has nothing at all to hide. It’s all just a big liberal conspiracy, they allege, being carried out by former President Obama and members of the so-called “deep state,” including American intelligence agencies.

Now we have the Foxers trying to peddle the claim that in the six months since Trump took office, a total of $4 trillion has been added to the economy.

Among the worst offenders when it comes to the economic lies is Stuart Varney of Fox Business, who said on his show recently that Trump cam be credited with “add[ing] $4.1 trillion to the nation’s wealth” because of rises in the stock market. Oddly and more ridiculously,  Varney also breathlessly declared that:

“During [Trump’s] presidency” long-established American tech giants “Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Facebook” have “emerged as global technology leaders.”

Yeah, because those were just mere start-ups a few short months ago, weren’t they, Stuart? Gimme a freaking break!

In an effort to reach out to Trump’s low-skilled and poorly educated base, Varney and Fox are also trying to say that low-income workers have seen their wages greatly increased since Trump took office. What the liars at Fox neglected to say is that wages have increased do to rising minimum wages in several states, something Trump and the Republicans have always been opposed to. Take a look at this chart:

So fantastic and downright ridiculous are the bogus Fox statistics that the Exaggerator-in-Chief even got wind of what they were doing and decided to tweet out a nice self-congratulation:

Never forget how terribly the stock market did under President Obama, with the Dow Jones only rising a measly 140 percent during his two terms in office.

Obama inherited a recession. Trump inherited a healthy economy, and he hasn’t had time to wreck it yet. But give him and his GOP cohorts time because they always manage to screw things up for everyone but the filthy rich.

All hail “maganomics,” the White House and Fox urge us. Meanwhile, Robert Mueller is barreling down on the Trump administration full force. There’s a storm ahead, and Trump’s recklessness could take the economy down the crapper, too.

Check out some of the Fox lies about the economy right here:

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