FED UP: Scientist Is ‘Blowing The Whistle On Trump Administration’ (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that President Donald Trump doesn’t believe in climate change. At least one scientist has had enough of his conspiracy theories and is now blowing the door wide open on this administration, at least when it comes to science.


Long before the world even though Trump would someday become president, Joel Clement was working hard at the Interior Department. One of his main jobs was to help people in Alaska deal with climate change, mainly because things are warming up in their neck of the woods.

Trump can tweet that climate change is a hoax developed by China, but scientific facts don’t lie. Three Alaskan villages are warming up twice as the rest of the world. Shaktoolik, Kivalina and Shishmaref are on the brink of being washed away.

Instead of having Clement work tirelessly to make sure these people are able to adapt to their changing climate, Trump decided he’d be better off signing royalty checks.

From fossil fuel companies, nonetheless.


Last month, Clement was among roughly 50 employees who were told their jobs would be changing. Clement is far from being an accountant, though.

About Interior Secretary Ryan Zinkes’ testimony before Congress validating the change, Clement stated:

“The only reasonable inference from that testimony is that he expects people to quit in response to undesirable transfers.”

He was referring to taxpayers footing the bill to relocate these employees across the country, although it’s certainly not the first time this administration has wasted taxpayers’ dollars.


Science is a bipartisan issue. Clements may have worked for Democrats before, but he fully supports a Republican administration:

“I believe that every president, regardless of party, has the right and responsibility to implement his policies. but that is not what is happening here.”

It’s sure not. Instead we have a dictator who promised to make America ‘great again’ and is now ignoring scientific fact. Repeat after us, Trumpkins: Science is bipartisan.

Watch this video to learn more about the Alaskan climate change crisis that Trump is ignoring.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot via Twitter.

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