Chicken Paul Ryan Says He’s Not Hosting Anymore Public Town Halls

House Speaker (Snowflake) Paul Ryan recently announced that he plans to no longer hold public town hall events due to his most recent experiences with upset constituents ‘yelling’ at him.

“Aside from the obvious security concerns, what we have found is there are people who are trying to come in from out of the district to disrupt town hall meetings and not have a civil discussion, so what I have been doing is looking for new and creative ways to interact with my constituents in a civil way,” Ryan said, speaking at a Boy Scouts event in Wisconsin.

“That’s why I have done a number of telephone town hall meetings, which I find very effective as people don’t have to travel. I do office hours. I just did them this morning in Janesville. In addition, I am doing a lot of business ones,” the Speaker said.

Recently, Ryan was on Fox News whining about how the Democratic opposition was responsible for his party’s failure to pass their fabled “repeal and replace” Obamacare alternative.

“I think the left is out of gas. I think they just basically decided resist, resist, resist. They want government-run health care. Government-run health care is collapsing while we speak. It’s not working, and so what are we doing? We are replacing it with a law that will actually work.”

On Thursday, Ryan held a private town hall meeting that was by “invite only,” effectively excluding the public from the honor of his unholy presence.  Ryan toured a manufacturer in Oak Creek, Wisconsin before having a “meeting” with 25 pre-selected employees just so happened to have very friendly pre-prepared questions.

I find when you guys are there, people kind of clam up. They get a little nervous, but when you do business town halls without media it is very interactive, so I am finding a lot of different ways to have a good civil dialogue with constituents,” he continued.

Ryan also stated that constituents should schedule to see him during “office hours” to avoid interruptions from those rascally protestors who come in on imaginary buses from “outside” of his district.

“Additionally, if you want to come do office hours, they schedule office hours because I don’t want to have a situation where we just have a screaming fest, a shouting fest where people are being bussed in from out of the district to get on TV because they are yelling at somebody. That does nobody any good, and what I want to do is have a civil, good conversation with constituents, and that’s why I do all these different things, whether it’s planned tours, telephone town halls, office hours and the rest,” he said.

Of course, Paul Ryan like many of his colleagues decided to avoid town halls like the plague after numerous Republican lawmakers experienced the full wrath of the voters during the Trump administration’s initial efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare with their shitty alternative.

Here are some examples that may explain why Ryan decided to tuck tail and avoid answering questions from real constituents.

In response to Ryan’s cowardice, his some of his constituents decided to hold their own “town hall” event featuring an empty chair to represent Ryan.

As the GOP continues to duck and avoid angry voters, November 2018 continues its steady march. And with Donald Trump leading the party, politicians like Paul Ryan have to figure how they are going to keep their moronic pro-Trump voting base happy while trying to appeal to their ever-growing anti-Trump constituency.

In the meantime, progressives can continue to enjoy roasting marshmallows over the GOP’s political dumpster fire.

Source Credit: The Hill

Featured image via True Wildlife Blog and YouTube.

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