Brainless GOP Senator Declares: ‘We Need To Work As Hard As President Trump Is Working’

You may never have heard of Alabama Senator Luther Strange, the man appointed to replace our ethically-challenged Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, but what this obsequious, ass-kissing weasel had to say Sunday on Fox News could well qualify him for contention as the biggest shithead on Capitol Hill.

Talking about tough issues before the Congress such as healthcare, Strange bent over and planted a big wet kiss on President Trump’s fat ass, commenting:

“We need to work as hard as President Trump is working.”

Trump? Working?! Did Senator Strangelove recently suffer a head injury or take some heavy narcotics which impair his ability to tell reality from fantasy?

Strange went on to say that he doesn’t think Congress should take a recess in August:

“I have only been there a little over four months. It seems to me we should be rolling up our sleeves.”

As if this oversized bag of shit has ever done a day’s work in his life. Sitting in air-conditioned offices and voting once a day on some meaningless piece of legislation doesn’t exactly qualify as work.

But this is emblematic of a much larger problem faced by Republicans in Congress: They have no agenda other than taking health insurance away from millions of Americans and giving massive tax cuts to those who need them the least. Their “plans” for this country are more of the same things that have failed and led to economic disaster before.

Luther Strange earned his name on Sunday. This strange, brainless dickhead needs to shuffle back to Alabama and crawl under the rock he normally lives under.

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