Anti-Choice Hypocrites Dox Abortion Doctors In God’s Name After Judge Rules Against Them

A group of anti-choice protesters in Louisville, Kentucky, were protesting in front of the state’s only abortion provider. They handed out flyers with the director’s address on them. It had her picture and address under a heading that read “Killers Among Us.”

The director, Anne Ahola, said:

“I’m disturbed on other people’s behalf. I am not ashamed of what I do. And they need to stop being ashamed of themselves.”

She said that she has never experienced harassment like this in her 17 years of working at the clinic.

The group involved is called Operation Save America, and they are holding their national gathering in Louisville through July 29.

Not only were these flyers passed out at the clinic, but they were passed out to the employees’ neighborhoods. It was not only Ahola that was targeted, but they also went after two of the physicians at the clinic, Dr Ernest Marshall and Tanya Franklin.

Ahola also said:

“They don’t have (a) monopoly on God out there. For them to think that they’re the only ones who know God and worship him is ridiculous. God is very much in here, and I am blessed every day that I can be of assistance and be compassionate and kind and helpful to the patients who seek our services.”
This comes just days after a federal judge ruled to keep up the buffer zone around the clinic to keep the protesters at a respectable distance. They are still allowed to protest, they just can’t block the door.

Joseph Spurgeon, the leader of the anti-choice group, said:

“People need to know that these type of people live among us. We’re asking them to love their neighbor. Including Anne. We love her. We don’t want her to face the judgment of God. But she will if she continues to rebel.”

They’re allowed to have their opinions. They’re allowed to protest, but they’ve crossed the line this time.

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