Oops! Ammosexual Shoots Himself In The Most Ironic Place (VIDEO)

A Jacksonville man, Cedrick Jelks, mistakenly shot himself in the penis, and may face a criminal charge, say the authorities.

The Accidental Shooting

Jelks, 38, shot himself on the penis while sitting in the driver’s seat of his Nissan Altima on Friday, June, 30, outside of his girlfriend’s home, according to the report made by Jelks girlfriend to the Jacksonville’s police.

The gun fired, shooting him in the groin, and Jelks immediately dashed into his girlfriend’s house, and made his way straight to the bathroom. His girlfriend followed him and when she realized he’d been shot, took him to a nearby hospital. He underwent surgery immediately upon arrival.

According to WJXT-TV, the police were called to the hospital to investigate the shooting, and the cause of the wound.

Jelks’s Criminal History

Jelks had previously been convicted of cocaine possession, which makes it illegal for him to own or possess a gun, therefore, he may face criminal charges for possessing a firearm.

A record from the Jacksonville Department of Corrections shows that Jelks had been arrested on several other occasions in addition to his previous conviction for cocaine possession in 2004. He served five days in the county jail after pleading guilty to felony cocaine possession and paid $438.

Most recently in 2009, he was arrested for driving under the influence. Now he is facing prison time because felons are not permitted by the law to possess firearms.

A similar report of an accidental shooting concerns a man named Jason Trigger, who shot himself at Hudson Dollar General store. According to the report, Trigger went into the store in Hudson on June 11. As he entered, he shot himself with his .25 caliber handgun that fell from his waistband and landed on the floor, discharging into his right ankle.

Trigger left the store immediately and later showed up at Bayonet Point Hospital for treatment, where he was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and for carrying a weapon while having prior felonies.

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